From Delsey...

An epic french tale:

Enabling our customers to travel elegantly while reducing our environmental footprint is our raison d’être.

In 1911, the DELAHAYE institution specialised in making leather camera cases and protective boxes for typewriters and phonographs. They had a reputation for expertise and solid, well-finished pieces made to a high standard. In 1946, this French company joined hands with SEYNHAEVE to create DELSEY, a blend of the two partners' names. The aim: create an innovative, modern, practical range of luggage for first time travellers looking for adventure.

That was the start of a creative buzz which led to innovative new products that would transform the luggage industry and earn the brand more than 70 awards and patents. In 1970, DELSEY was the first to provide tough luggage with a hard shell offering better protection for travellers' belongings. In 1972, they had the wheels on the hard shell suitcases brainwave! That was a major innovation changing the way that people use their luggage. More freedom, more ease of use: DELSEY's signature luggage is born and, with it, a whole new way of travelling.